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Live Coverage: Things Heating up at Occupy Seattle

Morgen on November 2, 2011 at 3:40 pm

Are we about to see a repeat of Denver? It’s looking that way.

Update: Well, not exactly. I’ve replaced the live feed with a recording from earlier. Apparently a small group of protesters chained themselves together in a Chase Bank branch and were arrested. When the police brought them outside to transport them they were surrounded by a large crowd of protesters chanting “let them go”. Several protesters laid down in the street blocking the police van and were also arrested. The action picks up around the 25 minute mark, but things really got out of control shortly after 37 minutes. The video feed is pretty choppy but apparently a group of protesters exchanged blows with the police.

It’s a disgrace that there are national leaders condoning, even encouraging these protests. Because sooner or later a serious riot is going to break out and people are going to be hurt.

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