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“Peaceful” OWS Protesters Target Cop Who Allegedly Injured Scott Olsen

Morgen on November 2, 2011 at 10:14 am

This is what mob rule looks like:

San Francisco Sheriff’s Department officials expressed concern today that a deputy who took part in Tuesday’s night’s police action against Occupy Oakland protesters had been accused online of injuring Scott Olsen, the Iraq war veteran who suffered a skull fracture.

The deputy’s name, and photographs and videos of him, appear on several websites, and he is mentioned in numerous messages on Twitter.

Don Wilson, the president of the union representing San Francisco deputies, said he was particularly alarmed that some people were circulating personal information about the deputy, including his address and phone number.

“It’s very disturbing for them to post this information online without an ounce of proof,” Wilson said. “It was clearly done to jeopardize him and his family’s safety.

Yes it was, but since when has the OWS crowd had any regard for the “f–king pigs” just trying to do their job? I’m obviously not going to reveal the officer’s name (it’s all too easy to find unfortunately), but here is a sampling of what is being broadcast on Twitter:

And from Tumblr:

Kudos to the San Francisco Chronicle, of all places, for reporting this. When is the national media going to wake up and realize just how dangerous this movement is?

Update: From the comments, Alan Kurtz has more examples over at AllVoices.

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