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Woman Loses Her Job, Credits OWS

John on November 2, 2011 at 12:59 am

Yesterday I wrote about Marc Epstein the business owner who was forced to lay off 21 employees as a result of the drop in business since OWS moved in across the street. Today there’s a follow up with one of the people who lost their job. As you might imagine, she’s not a big fan of the movement:

Heartbroken Shamil Cepeda was one of 21 employees of a once-thriving cafe and catering business who just got fired because the weeks-long Occupy Wall Street protest chased away too many customers.


“I felt really, really angry,” Cepeda said of learning she was a casualty of the supposedly pro-worker movement. “I really enjoyed the job. I liked the people and my co-workers. Everybody was so enthusiastic to make the company go.”

Cepeda also had some common-sense advice for the mash-up of protesters and squatters who have occupied Zuccotti Park since Sept. 17.

“If they would just go get a real job, helping real people, that would help a lot more than just taking up space and shouting at people and putting others they claim to care for out of work,” she declared.

In truth many protesters have jobs. And not only that, many have pretty nice homes to go to as well once the weather gets worse. So it’s actually worse than this woman knows. These aren’t people out of work who caused her to lose her job. These are people with work who caused her to lose her job.

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