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Illinois Lottery Numbers: 6-6-6!

John on November 7, 2008 at 1:48 am

This is it! The proof you’ve been waiting for:

One day after the election and the number of the beast pops up in Illinois… Coincidence?!!!

Yeah, it’s a coincidence. Still funny though.

FYI, I’m a firm believer that the “beast” being described in John’s Apocalypse is Nero. Using a first century spelling of Nero Caesar and then substituting numbers for letters and adding them, you do in fact reach 666. The Apostle John likely used this code to avoid attracting unwanted attention from the Roman authorities. Back then, calling the leader of the world was grounds for a slow death, rather than a spot on Letterman.

Random fact: There are variants of this passage which give the number as 616. This may also represent a code for Nero, albeit using Hebrew rather than Greek letters.

[HT: Ben Barrack]

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