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Video: Protesters Clash with Police at OWS Denver

Morgen on October 29, 2011 at 6:12 pm


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These police initially showed remarkable restraint I’d say. Is this really what democracy looks like? A crazed mob shouting at the police to go eff themselves?

More. Watch and listen very closely at 16 seconds. There is a protester at the top of the frame in a green military jacket and what appears to be a Santa hat who threatens a cop saying: “I’ll kill you f*ckface”. I think.

It’s not surprising that things escalated from there. Here’s a local news report showing what happened next.

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Interesting how the media mostly focuses on action by the cops. I’ll see if I can find some raw video because based on what I’ve read this all escalated when a protester pushed a policeman to the ground.

Whoa. Here is footage of the cop being pushed off his motorcycle.

YouTube Preview Image

Darwin Award for that guy [Note: his name is John Sexton, no relation...I think]. Bet he wouldn’t have guessed that particular cop could run that fast. Caught me by surprise too.

John adds: It’s all about creating good video. Listen as the organizer with the bullhorn instructs the protesters to upload their videos via bullhorn:

A couple more. These give a really good sense for how intense this must have been for the officers, who must have been outnumbered at least 5-1. Listen at 1:55 – “stop assaulting the police”.

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Here’s a second clip from the same videographer. At 4:48 a protester on a bullhorn says: “you’re asking for a military defeat you f*cking pigs”. Yeah, I really don’t think that’s going to happen.

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