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The Man Behind the “When Should You Shoot a Cop” Pamphlet

John on October 28, 2011 at 3:11 pm

The Blaze posted a story this morning about a pamphlet being offered at Occupy Phoenix. It’s titled “When Should You Shoot a Cop.” I did a little digging and found that this pamphlet is apparently a print out of this blog post from the site back in June. The text of the post is identical to the pamphlet as reported by The Blaze and is credited to Larken Rose. Here’s an announcement where Rose introduces himself to the site about two months earlier.

This is far from the only controversial article Mr. Rose has posted on the web. Here’s one where he compares all police and government authorities to terrorists:

And for all those statists who might read this, and then fume with indignation that I would characterize our noble “leaders,” soldiers and “law enforcers” as terrorists, see if you can come up with some way to differentiate between what you call “terrorism,” and what the U.S. “government” does on a daily basis. Or is “terrorism” just the word you use when people not on your side do it?

Another sample of his writing demonstrates that he is a self-described anarchist:

As I’ve said before, anarchism is not a complete philosophy, nor does it pretend to offer answers to everything. In fact, it is the opposite. It is the assertion that there is one particular solution (”authority”) that should NOT be in the equation. And that’s all it is. If you want to understand what it means to be an anarchist, picture this: A certain doctor has an odd habit of using a baseball bat to bash the knees of everyone who walks into his office. The anarchist is the guy who says, “You shouldn’t do that.” The anarchist doesn’t claim to be able to cure all health problems. He doesn’t want to be the new doctor. He doesn’t claim to know everything, and can’t tell the future. All he does is point out that bashing everyone in the knee is a bad idea.

The concept of “government” is self-contradictory, delusional, and horrendously destructive. It goes directly against both free will and individual rights. In addition, the cult-like belief in “government” has been the catalyst for the vast majority of injustice, suffering, oppression and murder in the world. The anarchist recognizes this, and says, “Stop believing in government.”

Larken Rose’s own website is here. He also has a You Tube channel where you can get a sense of some of his views on taxes and the Constitution:

YouTube Preview Image

To be fair, (and save the Media Matters fellows some time) I’ll point out that Rose’s anarchist views seem to have an audience on both sides of the political aisle. He gave a speech at the Independence Hall Tea Party event in 2009 titled “You’re not the boss of me.” Video of the speech is here. You can see that this is indeed a Tea Party event if you compare the setting to this video of the same event.

Update: Just wanted to point out something that has been noted in the comments. There were two events at Independence Hall that day. The Tea Party event lasted until early afternoon and did not include Larken Rose as a speaker invited or otherwise. There was another, smaller event on the same spot (with the same tents) put on by the Re Tea Party that afternoon. This contemporaneous story from the Philadelphia Weekly noted the difference (albeit with a lot of lefty snark thrown in).

My apologies for the confusion. Thanks to Teri Adams for correcting the record.

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