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You Know You’re in So. Cal When…

Cindy on November 5, 2008 at 10:42 am

I flipped on the t.v. to see what the news looked like this morning and some bleach-blonde reporter was “Live in Costa Mesa with Psychic Predictions about the new President” (Costa Mesa is an O.C. town next to ours).

During the interview the psychic was seeing auras and commenting on the colors and what they represented, including “President Obama’s redish-blue aura”.

The reporter continued on to ask the Clairvoyant about a spirit that was in the room with them.  The dialogue went like this;

Reporter:  “Now you’re being a Clairvoyant that means you see people, you see energy, you see spirits.”

Clairvoyant:  “I see spirits”

Reporter:  “You told me something very interesting.  There is a spirit around us.”

Clairvoyant:  “Yes.”

Reporter:  “Pan around Brian, pan around (speaking to camera man).  Who do you feel (speaking to Clairvoyant again)?  Who’s around us?”

Clairvoyant:  “Roosevelt”

Reporter:  “Roosevelt is around us!  Teddy or F.D.R.  Or are they the same person?  I don’t think they are the same person.  I gotta go back to High School.  F.D.R.! The one in the wheelchair!”

Clairvoyant:  “Yes”

Reporter:  “That was also in Little Orphan Annie!  Well, he wasn’t in it, it was probably someone playing him.”

And so it continued, ad nauseum.

When a bleach-blonde, local news, reporter can make a psychic come across as the more normal of the two, you know you’re in Southern California.

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