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Graffiti Promoting Cenk Uygur’s Wolf-Pac Found on PA Governor’s Residence

John on October 27, 2011 at 8:27 pm

I doubt Cenk will be happy about this particular expression of support, but this is what happens when you rile people up. Some of them get carried away.

Hmmm…I watched the clip but now it seems to be failing. I’ll repost the clip once their server is working again. For now, here’s the story:

In an unprecedented crime, someone has spray-painted graffiti on the wall at the governor’s residence here in Harrisburg.

State Police just began the investigation so they don’t know when it happened, but they think sometime within the last 24 hours. But, CBS 21 has exclusive pictures of the graffiti.

It says ‘Wolf-Pac’ and then below it says ‘freedom > government’. So, what is Wolf-Pac? Well, like the Tea Party and the Occupy protesters it’s yet another political movement that has a website.

The station that reported this also notes:

In case you are wondering this area is under surveillance cameras. State Police already have the video.

Cenk ought to offer the city a check to cover the clean up. It’s the right thing to do.

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