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Here We Go…[Election Open Thread]

John on November 4, 2008 at 9:53 am

Final Update: Well, the Senate is going to be close. Dems will have at least 58 and if (God forbid) Al Franken wins, they could go 59 or even 60. I hope that won’t happen or that, if it does, Lieberman will defect.

The popular vote was fairly close. FOX has it at 51.3 to 47.5. I don’t see realignment in that. The country is still split roughly 50-50.

It’s going to be a tough two years, but given the current performance of Congess, I predict we’ll be back in 2010.

Update 7PM: It’s that time…

YouTube Preview Image

FOX has called Ohio for Obama. He’s still leading in Florida and, surprisingly, in North Carolina. At this point Obama has 250 or so electoral votes in the bag with several blue states yet to be counted. He’ll easily clear 300 in a few hours.

On the positive side, it’s looking like Democrats will not gain a 60 seat majority in the Senate. It’s still possible they could, but not looking likely at this moment. They will pick up at least 5-7.

Congratulations to Barack Obama. I hope this puts an end to the talk about America as a racist nation.

But just know, Mr. Soon to be President Elect, that starting in January, dishonestly blaming the other guy won’t cut it. No more vapid slogans like CHANGE either. From January on, you will be the establishment. And no more voting present to avoid the tough calls as you’ve done your whole career. From January on, the buck will stop with you. You have to make the calls on wiretaps and bailouts and Guantanamo and Pakistan and Iran. To be honest, I still don’t think you’re up for it…

But, hey, the more I think about it, this could be fun to watch.

Update 4PM: Polls closed in several East Coast states including VA, my home state and a must win for McCain. Hot Air has a nifty graph, but numbers aren’t in yet. Here’s the VA State Board of Elections website. The numbers should start appearing at 4:30PM local time [They're coming in now!]. If McCain loses VA, his only recourse is to win PA where he has been even further behind for several weeks. Of course VA won’t necessarily tell us if this is a loss for McCain or a blowout by Obama. Could be a long night.

[End update]

We don’t really do open threads here, so let me set the table a bit. The point of an open thread is to talk about whatever you see or hear in the comments for the edification of all.

I’ll make updates (and maybe Scott will too) to this post as the day goes on. For now, I have to laugh at something that happened in Chicago this morning. Barack Obama was supposed to vote with his family. Apparently there was a delay during which he would not exit his car. Why?

Because Bill Ayers was inside voting!

I guess Obama didn’t want history to record him bumping into “a guy from his neighborhood” on his big day.

One way or another, it’ll be a relief when this is over.

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