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This Could Be a Disaster (Update)

John on November 2, 2008 at 11:11 am

I don’t wish it would happen, but the more I listen to Barack Obama talk about the economy, the more I’m convinced he’s going to make a hash of it at a time we can ill afford it:

YouTube Preview Image

The video makes some sound points (though I think the teachers union jab was a bit heavy handed). For one thing, Obama never does answer the question. For another, his answer about the top 50 hedge fund managers earning $30 billion did confuse capital gains taxes with income taxes. The two are not the same. Essentially Obama wants to lower the tide in order to bring down the top 50 boats. Why? Because according to him that’s fair. This is almost a conservative cariacature of Democratic policy, i.e. punish everyone so that things are more equal.

Add to this his admission in January 2008 that his plan would cause energy prices to skyrocket and that he would drive coal plants out of business. Please note, these are his own words. Is this the change we need in the midst of a recession? I think this guy is likely to take the economy into a ditch, but I hope I’m wrong.

Update: This video is really worth a look [HT: Hot Air]:

YouTube Preview Image

Even if you discount the $120K figure as coming from someone outside the immedate campaign, it’s amazing to me that after 18 months of campaigning on “95% of Americans will get a tax cut”, i.e. those making under $250K a year, he has the audacity to drop this $50K in the last two weeks. It’s an astounding bit of sleight of hand worthy of a used car salesman. But I’m not convinced anyone is still listening. Too many Americans are buying the packaging not the contents in this case.

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