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Tiger Woods…A Great Golfer AND A Great Son

Scott on April 5, 2006 at 11:16 am

This article is worth a quick read.  It provides a nice peak into the life of Tiger Woods and the dynamic between himself and his parents.

I don’t golf.  I don’t know much about the sport aside from what I have picked up over the years and catching an odd bit of the occasional televised tournamment.  (I have “golfed” a couple times, much to the giggling delight of my patient friends who do golf and who bring me along for comic relief.)

Tiger Woods, as near as I can tell, is a throw-back to a time when professional athletes did what they did because they loved it and believed it was their obligation to perform well and to add to the legacy, to contribute to their chosen profession and to the history of the sport.  He’s not concerned with celebrity or publicity, nor is he obssessed about adding more and more money to his endorsement contracts.

This article seems to confirm that, aside from the size of his paycheck and what his paycheck can buy, Tiger Woods is just like me and and millions of others just like me.  He is a professional and a family man who is concerned with doing what he does well, and who’s priority is that he be there for his family.  He is a man with his priorities and values well established and who doesn’t suffer from the various insecurities that make many (if not most) celebrities a spectacle in the making.

It appears as though his parents (both of them working together) are primarily to blame for this well-balanced and highly successful human being.  How AWESOME is that.  Both mom and dad, working together to ensure the success of their son at whatever he wanted to do/be as he grew up.

I think I need to go find a copy of Tiger’s dad’s book that was mentioned in the article.  And maybe there is hope for my golf game after all.

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