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The Two Reasons We’re Down (but NOT Out)

John on October 30, 2008 at 7:15 am

Reason #1 is showcased in the video I made a few days ago. If you missed it, click over and watch then send it to a few friends. Basically, the Dems from Obama on down had a coordinated message to associate the financial crisis with Bush and McCain. It worked, even though this is a complete inversion of reality. The media, with a few exceptions, went along with it.

Reason #2 is Palin. The only time McCain has been in the lead is immediately after she was introduced at the Convention. The weeks after that have been one of the most shining and outstanding examples of the “politics of personal destruction” ever unleashed. That’s not just my opinion. Not anymore:

Why have so many Americans turned against Palin, who made such a strong impression on the public when John McCain introduced her as his running mate at the Republican convention in September?  Most likely, it’s because the few good reports they’ve heard about the Alaska governor have been overwhelmed by a blizzard of bad reports. ABC, NBC and CBS news shows are covering Palin intensively, and they are running 18 negative stories for every positive one.

Network coverage of Palin has moved beyond criticism to outright ridicule.  Strikingly, all three networks have repeatedly aired clips of Palin being parodied by a comedy show, NBC’s Saturday Night Live, leading to concerns that many Americans are confusing the real Palin with SNL’s figure of fun.  When have comic impressions of a political figure ever qualified as hard news?

So in addition to “Trig trutherism” aired by CNN and sleaze aimed at her by others, Palin did make some genuine blunders early on. But many of the gaffes most closely associated with her (I can see Russia from my house!) turn out to be media created slander of reasonable comments and some (we may have to go to war with Russia) were outright inventions. The treatment of her faith has been especially poor. It’s a pattern the media has continued since then and is striking when compared to the treatment of Obama in similar situations.

There is simply no doubt that Charlie Gibson looms large in this election. If there were any justice he’d be out on his ass like Rather.

18 to 1. That’s why Palin’s positives dropped 25 points. That, combined with contstant reminders that McCain is old and had cancer made people nervous. Obama’s own team couldn’t have done better than the US media have. They’ll insure that few if any Americans know the facts presented here, and elsewhere, about Sarah Palin.

[HT: Hot Air for the Palin study]

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