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The Return of Edward T. Hall (the OWS Freak Out Guy)

John on October 17, 2011 at 11:26 am

Shortly after I posted the original “freak out” clip of Edward T. Hall some folks began speculating that maybe the whole thing was a ruse. Well, I think we can settle this dispute once and for all. Here’s Edward T. Hall again (he’s one of the organizers, remember) addressing Occupy Wall Street last Friday morning.

YouTube Preview Image

Notice he’s got the same emotional investment, the same cracking voice and the same talk about “love” he used in the original clip. He’s a true believer and, it must be said, probably just the sort of leader this movement wants at the moment.

In fact, I’ll go further and say that, to the extent he really is sincere (and not a communist choosing his words carefully) there’s something admirable about his fearlessness (in the earlier clip) and apparent lack of guile. If it weren’t for his utter cluelessness I’d be tempted to admire him. But taking us over a cliff with the best of intentions is still taking us over a cliff (or further over a cliff if you prefer). There’s no alternative to basic economics. He’ll learn that the hard way at some point.

[HT: Granny Jan Jihad Kitty for the tip.]

Added: An interview with Ted (Edward T. Hall) which confirms the kind of person he is. Again, there’s an appealing character here even if his though process often isn’t very clear.

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