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Will the Michelle Obama Tape Break? (Update: Confirmed Bogus)

John on October 29, 2008 at 2:40 pm

Update2: As noted below, I did contact Mr. Korir directly before posting anything on this story. He assured me the tape was real and would be released shortly (this was about a week ago). I believed him. Apparently that was a mistake.

As noted in this post, Mr. Korir “upped the ante” by claiming that he’d been offered $3 million to not release the tape and that he’d been threatened and therefore “The US embassy in Norway together with the Norwegian Security Service has been duly informed of the situation…”

So, the same day I posted this, I sent an e-mail to the US embassy in Oslo (press office) asking them to confirm or deny Mr. Korir’s claims. Today I got a resonse:

The Embassy is not involved in any activity or investigation as described in this article and has no further information on the matter.

That’s it, except his name and title which don’t seem pertinent. Bottom line: I got punked by these guys. My mistake.

[End update]

API is now claiming that the deal to air the tape is finalized. FOX News will air it “any day now.” A lot of bloggers, including myself have been suspicious of this claim because of the way it seems to have dragged on for weeks with little hard proof. However I did contact Mr. Korir myself and he assured me the tapes are real and the airing of them will take place. I suppose we’ll know this week one way or the other.

Today, API is upping the ante again, claiming that they were contacted by Obama’s campaign with an offer of $3 million dollars for the tapes. If true, this would certainly be the end of Obama:

Obama’s campaign manager contacted API by telephone and email offering 3 million US dollars followed with a request to API to cancel the deal with Fox News Network.

Ten days ago API received the first request to accept 2 million US dollars by Mr Ed Hale, President of Plains Radio, Texas - USA, in an effort to suppress the information from reaching the public before the coming US Presidential elections.

API has now taken a decision to contact the American Embassy in Oslo, Norway as soon as possible in order to report the matter and hand over the evidence for investigative purposes.

API’s Canadian lawyer is expected to fly to Oslo shortly in order to assist in the legal matters that arise from the bribery attempt.

Less than a week to go and we are just now managing to pry some damaging information on Obama out of the hands of the media. Let’s face it. If this tape, plus the Rashid Khalidi tape get on television this week, the MSM monopoly will be broken. Obama will lose. If the MSM holds the line against the truth getting out, Obama will win (and the free press will lose).

It’s America (and righty bloggers) vs. the MSM right now. We live in interesting times.

Update: FOX is saying it’s all bogus. That’s disappointing, since Mr. Korir personally assured me it was true.

For the record, I’m not eager to see anyone get smeared. I am eager to see Obama get the same scrutiny Sarah Palin has seen. With 5 days to go, that hasn’t happened yet.

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