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John on March 29, 2006 at 2:50 pm

The Daily Standard has an important piece on the Dutch plans to legalize infant euthanasia. The author is Wesley Smith, a Discovery Institute fellow. Noting comparisons to a similar program in Nazi germany, the author writes:

Certainly the breadth and scope of the killing in Germany far exceeded anything that is ever likely to happen in the Netherlands. And, to their credit, the Dutch unquestionably disdain the kind of pernicious social Darwinism that helped fuel the German euthanasia pogrom. Nor does pediatric euthanasia seem to be financially motivated, which also played a part in German infant euthanasia.

But the Netherlands cannot escape this ugly fact: Dutch doctors kill scores of babies each year and justify this fundamental abuse of human rights upon the inherently discriminatory concept that they can decide that another human being’s life is of such low quality it has no business being lived.

In other words, the Dutch aren’t Nazis and they aren’t likely to become Nazis, but they are inching along a path the Nazis blazed with regard to infant euthanasia.

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