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Van Jones’ #OWS Agenda: Let’s Bail Out Everyone…Including the Incarcerated

Morgen on October 10, 2011 at 10:35 am

A shorter version of this clip has already made the rounds…Van Jones himself re-tweeted it last week. I wondered why they didn’t post the whole thing and managed to track down a clip from someone who did.

YouTube Preview Image

They say our message is not clear. We tell them our morals are. These bankster look down on us. They say that we should be rich like them. But everyone would be broke and homeless if we had not bailed them out. So now we’re here to bail ourselves out. To bail out the teacher. To bail out the children. To bail out the farmers. To bail out the incarcerated. To bail out the nurses. To bail out the librarians. To bail out the veterans. To bail out all the people. Who the politicians have sold out…

Van Jones lecturing America about morals, while calling for the bail out of the incarcerated. Would that be all the incarcerated, or just convicted cop-killers?

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