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Dylan Ratigan Comes Dangerously Close to Making Sense

John on October 6, 2011 at 10:55 am

He’s still a far left partisan who paints the Republicans as villains whose only motivation is power, but apart from that…just watch:

YouTube Preview Image

I keep saying this and I’m sorry if you’ve already heard me say it several times…Obama’s entire tax increase plan addresses about 5% of the deficit. It’s a sham designed to get him reelected.

As for Ratigan’s claim that Republicans want to torpedo jobs to get elected, Republicans have gone far further than the President in trying to lay out a responsible alternative budget plan. They passed Paul Ryan’s plan even though it meant subjecting themselves to months of Democratic mediscare tactics.

Ed Schultz tries to claim that Obama has talked about entitlement reform as well. That’s true, he has talked about it. What he hasn’t done is make any specific proposal or lay out what he’s willing to do to address the other 95% of the deficit.

[Hat tip to Guy Benson via Twitter for the clip]

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