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Christian Martyrs

John on March 22, 2006 at 7:50 am

Abdul Rahman is still on trial for his life in Afghanistan for the crime of converting to Christianity. Michelle Malkin has been doing a great job keeping this on the front burner and slowly other media outlets are falling in line.

Today Michelle links to video of the accused and his accuser. As several reports have indicated, Mr. Rahman seems resigned to his fate at this point. What’s striking to me after watching the video is just how different the Christian conception of martyrdom is from that of Islam. The Islamic martyr we’re all most familiar with is the suicide bomber. Kill yourself and take out as many of the infidel in the process and Allah will reward you in paradise. The Christian view of martyrdom is to follow the path of Christ to the cross. In the case of Christ, even forgivig his murderers.

I’ve read a lot of press in the last several months in which various authors strive to make grand statements about “religion”, lumping Christianity and Islam together as if any differences between them were “window dressing.” Secular liberals have been pushing the “growth of fundamentalism” story for years, explicitly linking Osama bin Laden to Jerry Fallwell. Though this is ridiculous on its face, it was a clever way to bash the religious right while maintaining the appeareance of thoughtfulness. The NY Times ran just such a piece recently in relation to the cartoon conflict.

What I think Abdul Rahman’s case demonstrates so clearly is just how different the two faiths really are. This is an inconvenient fact for liberals, but one they need to be forced to acknowledge for their own good. All religions are not equal. Only one major monotheistic faith is out to take away your freedom and/or your life. Only one.

Update: Scott at Magic Statistics has a nice round-up of news coverage from around the world.

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