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Spiked! (Stories the press is sitting on until after the election)

John on October 25, 2008 at 4:55 pm

I’ve been saying for a couple weeks now that the fix is in. The MSM has decided that nothing and no one is going to stop Barack Obama from being elected. Not even a great story sure to sell a lot of papers. In fact, there are numerous stories about Barack Obama the MSM is ignoring right now:

  • Obama and Vera Baker – Why did Obama’s Finance Director in ’04 suddenly get shipped to NY and then to Martinique? Turns out there are multiple news outlets with a handle on this story, including witnesses who are willing to talk about delivering Baker and Barack to the same Washington DC hotel. But they’ve all have decided not to splash it before the election. Note that this is in keeping with the MSM’s willingness to sit on the John Edwards love child story for over a year. However when it came to rumors about John McCain, the NY Times published that on page one based on the word of two ex-employees.
  • Obama and Ayers – There are at least two witnesses to the fact that Bill Ayers babysat for Obama’s kids. Ace talked to at least one of them, but the witness has now gotten cold feet (in part because of what happened to Joe the plumber). This would put the lie to Obama’s claims and be a major embarrassment. Again, maybe after the election we’ll learn the truth. [I'm adding this link which was sent to me today. This guy has first hand knowledge of the source and the three media outlets who are sitting on the story.]
  • Obama and Rashid Khalidi – Obama attended a dinner for the anti-semitic PLO booster at which he praised him. The media were there and in fact have video of the event. But they’ve decided this too is a non-story.
  • Obama and Odingo – In 2006, Obama took a trip to Kenya during which he offered support to Raila Odinga. Odinga has been accused of stirring up violence which led to ethnic cleansing and the murder of Christians (some burned alive). No one has bothered to ask Obama about his decision to support Odinga. It’s a non-story.
  • Donor Fraud – There have been a few stories noting donors like Doodad Pro and Good Will. However, despite this, Obama still won’t release donor information on those giving under $200 each. Where are the editorial pages demanding he do this? Where (besides at the RNC) is the call for financial transparency? No one doubts there’s a lot more to this story, but we won’t hear about it in the next two weeks. The media is too busy.
  • Obama’s Destitute Brother George – Despite being a guy who believes it’s a good thing to “spread the wealth around” Obama hasn’t spread any of his wealth to his impoverished half-brother living in Kenya. His story has appeared in more British than US papers. Despite this, the media (Wall Street Journal, FOX, NPR, CNN, LA Times, Mother Jones, Salon) has seen fit to run stories on the “Black McCain’s“, descendants of slaves once owned by McCain’s great-grandfather. And of course, the press has devoted plenty of ink to Obama’s decision to visit his grandmother in Hawaii. But no mention of George.

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other stories the press has decided we don’t need to know about this election cycle. Barney Frank’s Boyfriend at Fannie Mae comes to mind. Or how about the PR firm that created an astroturf campaign against Sarah Palin. Turns out they had direct connections to David Axelrod, Obama’s campaign manager and, coincidentally, the king of astroturfing. Non-story.

The fix is in.

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