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ILWU Continues to Fight, Lie in Longview, WA

John on September 27, 2011 at 9:57 am

ILWU members were back standing on tracks last week. As police tried to remove them a scuffle broke out:

So that’s a very good overview of what happened. Now have a look at this video which shows the helicopter view of the actual scuffle. Keep your eyes on the upper right part of the image. You see police try to take a sign away from the man in an orange shirt. Then a man in a blue shirt tries to tackle the cop reaching for the sign. Watch it a couple times if needed. There’s no doubt the man in blue instigates the scuffle:

So here’s local President Dan Coffman telling the media what happened after the arrests.

Q: You’ve got some guys who go after some officers, I mean anybody’s going to be charged with assault for that.

Coffman: I’ll tell you what. If you look at any tape you want to look at who’s inflicting who on what?…

Then a moment later:

Q: You acknowledge yesterday the two guys went after the officers.

Coffman: No. They didn’t go for that. What they did is come to the aid of women who were being physically abused. That’s what’s happening.

But that’s not true as the tape shows. Nevertheless, the union is now demanding a recall of Longview sheriff Mark Nelson for daring to pepper spray and arrest guys who scuffled with the police. They accuse him of escalating the situation.

This is nonsense. If anything, the police have acted with remarkable restraint so far. Hopefully they can maintain their professional behavior as the union ratchets up the lies and attacks on them.

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