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Verum Serum on the BBC

John on October 21, 2008 at 1:02 pm

This morning I got a call from a BBC radio producer asking if I’d be willing to comment on the murder of Gayle Williams and the broader question of faith and aid work. When the producer called I was changing a diaper and my son immediately started wailing. I was fairly certain I’d never hear from them again.

To my surprise, I did receive a call and was able to get in a couple comments. The show website is here. If you’re interested in listening to the show online, click here and then click on Tuesday. For anyone just hoping to hear me fall on my face, jump forward to 16:40 or about 2/3 of the way through. I’ll attempt to post the file directly below, but depending on your browser this may be less than satisfactory.

World Have Your Say

I’ve done a few podcasts with the guys at, but this is my first radio interview. I have to say, while I was on, I felt I was speaking very rapidly and somewhat forcefully. But listening back to it, I sound like a turtle on morphine. Doh! Have to keep that in mind if I get the chance to do it again.

Finally, this morning I read a bunch of accounts of what happened. This article in the Independent is probably the best of the bunch.

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