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Act Fast: Petition the White House to Repeal ObamaCare!

Morgen on September 25, 2011 at 5:56 pm

(9/26: It’s up over 150 votes which means the petition is now listed publicly on the White House site. Great job everyone! But let’s get this rolling and make it the highest vote gathering petition on there.)

The White House launched a new site last week allowing the public to petition the Administration on various public policy issues. No doubt they intend to use this to mobilize the OFA-MoveOn-Kos armies around various election issues next year, to demonstrate how “popular” the Administration’s positions are. But at the moment the petition site seems to be largely dominated by various fringe issues, such as allowing the sale of raw milk, banning puppy mills, and of course…legalizing marijuana.

But some enterprising American managed to create and post a petition which I found just a little more worthwhile: to repeal ObamaCare.

Not surprisingly you won’t find this petition listed at the White House site, BUT the direct link to it still works (click the image or HERE), and more importantly, the petition counter is active.

I am vote number 4 – how high can we get this to go before the White House removes it completely? The top vote getting petitions now seem to have no more than 10-12 thousand votes (9/26: actually, 35K+ for legalizing marijuana). If this goes viral I don’t see why we can’t blow these numbers out of the water. (Update: supposedly this petition will be officially listed once it gets 150 votes, and as you can see above, if it gets to 5,000 by October 22 then someone from the White House will issue some sort of response. But the real opportunity here is to show the White House just how popular a full repeal is.)

Now here’s the catch. You have to register with the White House in order to vote – just a name and a email address. I think it’s worth it. We’re 13 months out from the election at this point. It’s time to stand up to the Administration and let them know what we really think about their policies. And if that doesn’t inspire you to subject yourself to never-ending spam from the President, then use that old Hotmail or Yahoo address you never use, or just create a new one and use it only for this.

But if we’re going to do this I think it has to happen very quickly. I won’t be surprised if they take this petition down by Monday, although of course there is really no reason they should. In fact that will be a story by itself if and when they do, and the more votes this gets the more newsworthy it will be.

So get on there and vote and send it to all your friends ASAP.

John adds: I’m number 8. Let’s get this past 5,000.

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