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Morgan Freeman and Tea Party Racism

John on September 25, 2011 at 3:07 pm

Here’s Morgan Freeman demonstrating why actors should only speak when they have a script written by someone smarter than they are:

YouTube Preview Image

This is such a shallow, shoddy analysis. Freeman mentions the “stated goal” of the Tea Party being to make Obama a one term President. He’s almost certainly thinking of this year old talking point beloved of progressives:

The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.

That was Mitch McConnell in October of last year. McConnell is the Senate Minority Leader. He’s been in the Senate since 1984, which is 25 years before the Tea Party even existed. McConnell is the definition of GOP establishment, not a Tea Party darling. But Freeman doesn’t even know the basic facts about who said what. It’s just a mish-mash in his head or I guess you could say we all look alike to him.

But even if we put that aside, Freeman can’t back up his point. The GOP always wants the Democratic candidate to be a one-termer. That’s how it works in a two party system. Some on the right hated Bill Clinton with a white hot passion but it wasn’t because he was black. When Piers Morgan makes this point, Freeman has no response. He just believes it’s about race.

Meanwhile, just days after this nationally televised race-baiting attack on the Tea Party, Republicans in Florida gave Herman Cain a resounding win, trouncing two better financed, establishment figures: Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. For those who’ve somehow missed it, Cain is black and Perry and Romney are white. Yet Cain got more votes than both men combined.

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This is not a brand new development. Herman Cain has been a Tea Party favorite for months. He won a Tea Party straw poll back in February beating out two other white guys, Tim Pawlenty and Ron Paul.

It’s weird how the racist Tea Party keeps voting for this guy, isn’t it Mr. Freeman? It seems like their dark, underbelly of a plan is to replace a black man in the White House with another black man in the White House. [Cue orchestra hits: Da Da DAAAAAAA!] Damn those racist conservatives!

Freeman has a lot going for him, but he owes the millions of people he just slandered as racists an apology. His race-baiting would be really offensive if it weren’t so obviously false and ignorant.

Addendum: Cain responds to Freeman’s nonsense.

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