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Best Video Moments of the Debate

John on September 23, 2011 at 1:38 am

This wasn’t just funny, it was one of the few moments when everyone in the room was in agreement. He didn’t actually deliver it all that well, you can see he’s reading it. Still the line (borrowed from Rush Limbaugh apparently) brought the house down:

YouTube Preview Image

Newt had a very good night. This was his best moment. He gave a great smart ass answer followed by a solid substantive response to the question:

YouTube Preview Image

Herman Cain talked about surviving cancer and how Obamacare would have meant less chance he’d survive:

YouTube Preview Image

Finally, I’m not a Romney fan, far from it, but in my opinion he won the debate. This answer is a good example of why:

YouTube Preview Image

There were several other good moments but those were the highlights for me. Kudos to Fox and Google for hosting the best GOP debate so far.

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