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Convert to Islam or Die

John on March 19, 2006 at 4:12 pm

That’s the message being delivered to an Afghan man on trial for the capital crime of converting to Christianity. Exhibit one in his case is a copy of the Bible which he owned.

Officials say his family, who remain observant Muslims, turned him over to the authorities.

That one sentence makes me wonder if Islam can ever support freedom. When a man’s own family will turn him over to a death sentence because he believes differently, what hope is there for understanding between Muslims and others, between differing sects?

What strikes me most is that in this case one individual is being targeted with the same violence that has feuled Islamic conquest since the 7th century. “Convert or die” is still being practiced today in Africa and Indonesia. What’s unusual is not the sentiment itself, but simply seeing it handled as a formal procedure in a court.

If Europe really wants to see what lies in its future, it should look closely at this trial. In 20 years, this will be happening in Paris or London. It’s time to tell the Islamists no now.

[HT: Michelle Malkin]

Scott Adds:

This is why I have been and will continue to be skeptical of the whole “religion of peace” angle that the political operatives and many in the media try to push onto the general public. This Afghan Christian is one example of the ongoing mistreatment of Christians by many Muslim-controlled governments.

In Egypt, the most “progressive” of Muslim countries, there are countless examples of converts to Christianity being mistreated, beaten, tortured, and killed by police and even by family members in an effort aimed at having them renounce their Christian faith and re-embracing Islam.

As documented by The Barnabas Fund, in late 2003 there was a sting operation in Alexandria in which the Egyptian police rounded up 22 Muslim converts to Christianity. Not only were these 22 people rounded up by the police as illegal converts, they were beaten, tortured, and threatened with having their property and children taken away from them.
Not only is this an example of how Muslim converts to Christianity are treated, the Barnabas Fund highlights how Christians are treated in general when they aren’t even converts but are simply born into a family of Orthodox Christians. Egypt is approximately 90% Muslim and 10% Christian. The mistreatment of Christians in Egypt includes: limited employment opportunities, less political and social rights than Muslims, limited legal due process, limited Church rights related to construction, moving to other properties, assembly locations, etc. In short, Christians in Egypt are a persecuted minority simply based on their faith.

International Christian Concern runs a site called This site provides significant details related to Muslim countries such as Egypt and how they treat other religions.

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