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Media Matters’ Traffic Still Waning

John on September 22, 2011 at 6:12 am

Back in May, Colby Hall pointed out that Media Matters’ monthly traffic seemed, shall we say, understated compared to its lavish staff and annual budget (90 people and $15 million this year). I’ve sort of kept an eye on it since then and things haven’t really improved for MMFA according to

Other metrics show a similar downward trend. Google’s Double Click shows them at about 420K uniques a month in July:

Quantcast, which is the metric Colby Hall originally used shows them right about where they were thanks to a boost in mid-July. This trend line likely won’t continue into August though. If you compare it to that first chart above, you’ll see the same bump for July, but it’s right back down in August (Quantcast seems to be a month behind

So, the best you can say, is that their traffic might not have dropped according to one measurement service. But even here the trend from March to July is pretty clearly downward.

And yet they continue to spend about $1.25 million per month to occupy 420k people. That works out to about $3 for each unique visitor. It makes no sense as a news service. Mediaite, the Daily Caller and Politico blow them away with significantly smaller staffs and budgets

Even if you view it as paid advertising for the left (which you should) it still doesn’t make a lot sense. Don’t you figure the vast majority of their readers are the already converted?

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