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ILWU Raid in Longview Featured Carjacking, Threatening Police

John on September 19, 2011 at 10:40 am

Remember when union members stormed that grain elevator in Longview, WA about 10 days ago? There were rumors that security guards had been held hostage. Well, one of the guards testified before a judge last week and told his story:

Security guard Charlie Cadwell, employed by Columbia Security for patrols at the Longview grain terminal for the past two months, told the judge of the harrowing experience: Every protester he saw that night was carrying a weapon — baseball bats, lead pipes, garden tools.

“I didn’t see a longshoreman who didn’t have something in his hands,” he said.

He was was pulled out of his car by one longshoreman, and another man swung a metal pipe at him, he said.

“I told him, ‘You have 50 cameras on you and law enforcement is on its way,’” Cadwell said. “He said, ‘(expletive) you. We’re not here for you, we’re here for the train.’”

In the meantime, someone drove off with his car and eventually ran it into a ditch. Cadwell said about 40 to 50 people were throwing rocks at him, and that he was hit between his eyes and in his knee.

So that sounds like carjacking to me. The union member who reportedly did this has been arrested on suspicion of four felonies. Another security guard was in a booth when the union members smashed the windows. He was threatened with a baseball bat. ILWU union members also interfered with and threatened police:

Longview police Sgt. Mark Langlois testified that in the early morning of Sept. 8 he was responding to a call of about a hundred vehicles leaving the longshore union hall on 14th Avenue in Longview. One vehicle pulled over and blocked him on Fibre Way, and Langlois said he was unable to do anything to stop the group.

“I was by myself. I was completely outnumbered. I wasn’t about to stop any of these people from doing whatever it is they were going to do,” Langlois said.

These thugs are so bold they actually pull over the police. Here’s hoping the judge gets control of the situation before someone gets seriously hurt.

Meanwhile, the media doesn’t seem too interested in making this a big story. Some are even celebrating, like this guy at the Huffington Post:

And as for those upright, uptight citizens who will condemn the Longview demonstration as “lawless” or “renegade,” they need to recalibrate. They need to see this thing for what it is. The Longview uprising is self-determination personified. It’s American, it’s patriotic, it’s grassroots and its antecedents can be traced back to the Boston Tea Party — the real Boston Tea Party. Indeed, Longview is what the so-called Tea Party movement wishes it were.

I’m pretty sure he’s wrong about that which is why this is getting little coverage. The media loves the unions, but they know most Americans won’t if they see how the sausage gets made. So this is all on the down low for now.

But the media may not have much choice about covering this for much longer. I came across this street interview with a retired ILWU member. I don’t know who this guy is but he seems to know what he’s talking about. He suggests that the ILWU is considering a nationwide strike, i.e. shutting down every port in the US, over this. They already shut down all of the ports in Washington, so it could happen.

Hey, what happened to all those media/Democrats who loved the hostage taking metaphors? Are they going to pull those out again if this happens?

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