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Boehner Should Resign!

John on September 1, 2011 at 12:49 pm

Tommy Christopher is not happy with John Boehner:

The President can’t address a joint session of Congress without a concurrent resolution, which Boehner well knew. Rather than handle this the way Speakers always have, like a man, face to face, he made a conscious decision to put Barack Obama in his place by making a public refusal.

This isn’t the first unprecedented Republican insult to the presidency under Barack Obama (but it is, by far, the worst), and it isn’t even the first time John Boehner has tried to make the President “heel” with his datebook. It ought to be the last. Every American who  has an appropriate respect for the office of the presidency should demand that John Boehner resign, and every legislator should amplify that demand. The problems facing this country are too great to be left in the hands of someone with such contempt for its highest office.

So saying no in private would have been fine but saying no in public is a firing offense? What Tommy doesn’t mention is that it’s also customary to wait for a yes from the Speaker before making a public announcement about the speech. The President should have secured a private agreement (or not) before putting something out.

Also, I wonder if Tommy remember back to the Reagan administration and the announcements every year that Reagan’s budget proposals were “dead on arrival” or in some cases “dead before arrival.” Is that the kind of respect Congress owes the Office of the President? I don’t recall demands for Tip O’Nell to resign over this, but maybe I missed them.

Tommy might also want to check out James Carville’s take on this:

…I think the White House was out of bounds in trying to schedule a speech during a debate.

Maybe the President should resign for disrespecting his potential successor?

Addendum: I forgot about Obama’s dressing down of the Supreme Court on national TV. Is that the sort of respect one should show the co-equal branches of government in public? [HT: Twitter]

YouTube Preview Image

Maybe if Boehner had added “With all due deference…” to his refusal it would have been okay.

[HT: Jammie Wearing Fool]

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