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“Capitalist Piglet” Cartoonist Gets Semi-Last Word

Scott on March 14, 2006 at 4:40 pm

I wanted to give Jeff MacDonald the “last word” so to speak. He obviously read my reaction to his cartoon. To appreciate the eloquence of the cartoonist in question, I have left his writing as is (though I was tempted to do a little “bleeping” out here and there)

On March 14, Jeff MacDonald sent the following:

you have a blogging partner?! what the fuck? and who has so much time to pick apart one little comic? who even cares!? who takes some “kid” from sasckatchewan this seriously?

i’m sorry i expected rationality from you, i guess you do base your life on a belief in an omnipresent gaseous vertebrate who used his magical wang of impregnating to rape an innocent little carpenter’s wife and create a bastard child who would go on to be the original angsty emo kid . oh, that and a schizophrenic alcoholic.

jesus forever man. bullshit.

and ya, an immature little kid with no wisdom or insight .. need i remind you that you are picking apart a cartoon that was apparently written by a kid?

eat my ass.

The sarcastic teacher in me wants to point out that he, the Canadian, misspelled Saskatchewan but I won’t point that out because that would be petty.

Instead, let me point out that suddenly Mister “I’m misunderstood I didn’t mean for the cartoon to be seen I’m was just trying to be instructive for the editorial staff ” has just shown his true colors.

Besides being the naïve, immature, arrogant kid that he seemed to be, he has also revealed himself as a religious bigot who has an amazingly limited grasp on what Christianity is all about.

And yes, Jeff, I did pick apart a cartoon that was written by a kid. But don’t flatter yourself. In teaching, sometimes the best way to enable oneself to learn and to also instruct others is to find a bad example of something, deconstruct it to find its flaws, and then turn around and apply the lessons learned to something else.

Your reaction was/is disappointing. Though you may have disagreed with some or all of what I said, I assumed that you knew what you were getting into when you created the cartoon and it made its way out into the public eye and into cyberspace/the blogosphere. I would have expected a more thoughtful, articulate answer and defense of your cartoon and the thought that went into it.

Instead you revealed yourself to be the equivalent of the Muslim extremists protesting the Mohammed cartoons…angry, bigoted, intolerant, and disrespectful of anyone’s opinions but your own.

John says: My slightly different response to Jeff is here.

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