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LA Times Gives Palin the ABC Treatment

John on October 10, 2008 at 11:43 pm

Patterico has the story.

Basically, an LA Times story used a bad transcript in one of its articles, making Sarah Palin sound utterly inarticulate:

“And — not only those terrorist activities that Bill Ayers was involved in, but the questions need to be asked, I believe, when did Barack Obama know of these activities? We’ve heard so many confliction stories and flip-flop answers about when he knew the guy, did he realize that he knocked off his political career in the guy’s living room?”

Confliction stories???? That should have been a tip to someone. If you watch the actual video what she said is perfectly clear. Four or five transcription errors can turn a smart woman into an idiot. But we’ve seen this sort of thing before. And of course Obama gets the opposite treatment.

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