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Obama’s Mystery Donors

John on October 9, 2008 at 10:21 am

The hunt for Doodad Pro continues in Nunda, NY:

It’s become “The Question” in Nunda, “Do you know a Doodad Pro?”

“I don’t know a Doodad Pro,” Dan Arena responded.

The typical answer most places you go in fact.

“Doodad? Doodad or Dooloo or Doo-something?” Carol Stevens of Nunda puzzled.  “Yeah, I don’t even know.”

In the village of a few hundred neighbors, the name just doesn’t ring a bell.

Meanwhile, the LA Times has added a few more names to the list of Obama’s mystery donors:

  • Derty Poiiuy contributed $950
  • Mong Kong contributed $1065
  • Fornari USA contributed $800

As the Times notes, there is no city of Fornari anywhere in the US. Hmmmm.

But fear not, the FEC is on the job:

Exactly why a donor would use a name like Derty Poiiuy is not clear. “It’s part of phenomenon that we’ve never seen before,” FEC spokesman Bob Biersack said. People who make up names when donating to federal candidates violate laws against making false statements, but Biersack could not recall anyone being prosecuted for such a crime.

Biersack said the FEC cannot conduct an audit unless there are significant questions about a candidate’s fundraising. “Odd names by themselves aren’t enough. A lot of people have odd names,” Biersack said. “I have certain sympathy for that.”

That’s it, Bob, just make a joke. Nothing to see here. Just unusual names, like the ones CBS found:

  • Dahsudhu Hdusahfd who lives in the town of Df, Hawaii and works for “CZXVC/ZXVZXV”
  • Uadhshgu Hduadh who Obama’s scrupulous campaign records show is currently employed by “DASADA/SAFASF.”

By a strange coincidence, I applied with both of those firms. Sure they had funny names but the benefit package was sweet. It didn’t work out. Thank goodness I finally got work at osdfigvp98sehps. I’ll be able to afford that vacation to paehg, Hawaii with my wife Dsaofjg Sodhg.

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