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NY Times’ Hit Piece on Darrell Issa Continues to Implode

John on August 26, 2011 at 9:23 am

Matthew Boyle at the Daily Caller notes that the NY Times has issued two new corrections to it’s Eric Lichtblau hit piece on Rep. Issa. Both are significant and get to the heart of the allegations of misconduct leveled by the Times. Here’s the first one:

The Times now says the August 15 article used “erroneous information” to allege foul play on Issa’s part because he withdrew much of his family foundation’s assets from the stock market several months before it crashed. Reporter Eric Lichtblau used faulty documentation to allege that Issa’s family foundation “earned $357,000 on an initial investment of less than $19,000 – a return of nearly 1,900 percent in just seven months, the foundation reported to the Internal Revenue Service.”

Issa’s office published accurate documents demonstrating his family foundation’s initial investment was $500,000, not “less than $19,000.” The Times’ correction is an admission that Issa didn’t profit from privileged securities information. Even though it now acknowledges it incorrectly reported that information, the Times blames Issa’s family foundation for the mistake, claiming the charity filed “erroneous information” with the IRS.

Click over to read the second correction which is just as significant. In both cases the Times used incorrect financial information to insinuate illegal or suspicious activity. In both cases the Times now admits they were wrong.

The palace guard for President Obama is having a harder and harder time punishing his enemies these days thanks to alternative media outlets that allow people like Issa a fighting chance to set the record straight in public.

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