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FINALLY, Someone Credible To Speak To Muslims

Scott on March 13, 2006 at 4:37 pm

This is FANTASTIC. Wafa Sultan is a resident of Southern California. She was born and raised in Syria and saw first-hand the brutality of the “religion of peace.” She left the middle east, got an education, and became a psychologist. She proudly declares that she is a secular humanist (nobody’s perfect), but her rejection of religion is understandable considering what she witnessed growing up.

In February, Ms. Sultan went on Al Jazzera Television and debated a well-known Muslim scholar, Dr. Ibrahim Al Khouli. I had heard about this, but didn’t have time to check into it until today. Watch the 5 minute edited version here. The Middle East Media Research Institute has posted a partial transcript of the debate.

To put it bluntly, she put a SMACK DOWN on Dr. Ibrahim Al Khouli and didn’t even work up a sweat! She left him at the starting line and never even looked back. I’ve heard of her and have read quotes from her, but I have never seen her in action until now. She is amazing. She speaks boldly and with conviction and with absolutely NO FEAR or HESITATION.

She doesn’t have to worry about the “people might think that I’m racist or xenophobic if I criticize Islam” thing. She IS middle eastern. She WAS Muslim. She’s got “cred” out on the Muslim street.

This video is a must-watch! iFilm has an edited version. I believe that the full-version of the Al Jazzira exchange is out there somewhere. I’ll see if I can find it.

Dhimmi Watch online has a write-up from 2005 about another “exchange” Sultan had with a different Muslim scholar,…different debate but same results. SMACK DOWN by Sultan against this guy, too.

Of course, now there are Muslims across the globe calling for her death! How can one religion be populated with so many people that can’t tolerate criticism?!?

As an FYI, I looked for information on Dr. Ibrahim Al Khouli (the scholar in the video). Among other things, he was a presenter in Dubai at what is called the Dubai International Holy Quran Award for 2006. Two of the sessions he presented were called “The Crisis of Contemporary Religious Thought and How To Overcome It” and “The Role of Muslim Woman in Bringing Up Our Children.” I sense the dim bulb of enlightenment within the Muslim faith fading even more than it already has.

If this is the best that Islam can field, they better get ready for declining prayer attendance. It won’t take long for this next generation of technology-savvy young Muslims to track down the transcripts and video clips and to then begin to question the foundation of what they have been taught.

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