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Ed Schultz; Oops! Sorry I deceptively clipped that Rick Perry video (Update)

John on August 17, 2011 at 1:00 am

I was about to post on this when I saw Allahpundit’s follow up at Hot Air. Here’s Ed’s retraction followed by what he said last night:

Not at all surprising that right about the time a poll comes out showing Rick Perry leading the GOP field, he would be labeled a racist by someone on MSNBC. I think the odds on that were pretty close to even.

I guess it’s to Ed’s credit that he’s retracted this, but this is so noxious it ought to be handled a bit more seriously then letting the host walk it back this easily.

How about a suspension for Ed until he offers a full apology and explains the error rather than just admitting to it obliquely. Who on his staff chose to edit out the words “that debt” in order to make the clip say what it did not? Maybe that person needs to look for a new job.

Is there any chance this will slow down the swiping of the race card over the next 14 months or, as Allahpundit suggests, are we just looking at the first of many more such attacks?

Update: Tony Katz agrees someone should be fired.

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