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Introducing the Blameshifter

John on August 8, 2011 at 5:00 am

Your stimulus program was a bust, unemployment is at 9.1%, the nation’s debt has been downgraded, and there’s an election coming your way? Sounds pretty hopeless.

What you need now is someone else to blame. Thank goodness for the Tea Party. This tiny minority of elected representatives makes a perfect class of villains. All you need to do now is shift the blame…

What’s that rumble? It’s the BlameShifter! (OFA employee shown for scale)

At last there’s a tool that’s able to meet your national level demands for shoving your failure onto others.

You say you’ve got 9.1% unemployment? Push the Bush did it line by the metric ton.

Just saw the nation’s debt downgraded by S&P? With the BlameShifter your surrogates can drive the “Tea Party downgrade” right down their throats.

Best of all, at just $4 million each, your billion dollar campaign can pilot a fleet of these. Soon everyone will know that none of this is your fault!

The BlameShifter – because all that blame isn’t going to shift itself.

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