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Blue on Blue: Panetta, Obama Oppose Military Cuts Sen. Reid Inteds to Use as Leverage

John on August 5, 2011 at 1:44 am

As bad as many Senate and House Democrats think the deal was, they had hope that the 2nd half as dictated by the Super Committee was going to be better. That’s because the Senate Democrats worked out a doomsday scenario they were certain would be unpalatable to Republicans. Should the parties fail to reach an agreement automatic cuts kick in including deep cuts to the military.

Harry Reid was seen crowing about this strategy immediately after the deal was signed. However, just a couple days later both Leon Panetta and the President seem to be stealing Sen. Reid leverage:

YouTube Preview Image

The fact that Panetta mouthed the words about revenues doesn’t really matter. The plan is to force Republicans into a corner with the prospect of slashing military spending. How can he pursue this if both the Pentagon and the President won’t back his play?


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