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Quantifying Media Bias

John on August 3, 2011 at 11:06 am

This is an old idea but it looks as if a reputable political scientist has finally crunched the numbers. Tim Groseclose, a UCLA professor of political science and economics, has come up with a statistical method to rate the political views of various media outlets. The Daily Caller did an interview with him in which he explains the method. This is part one:

From his website, here’s Dr. Groseclose’s rating of some well known American politicians on his 0-100 scale (with 0 being conservative and 100 being liberal):

Seems about right, though I’m not sure I’d have thought Lindsey Graham and John McCain were that conservative. When he applies this scale to media institutions he finds, for instance, that Fox News Special Report is about a 40 while Newsweek and Time are both about a 66 (50.4 is perfectly centrist). The New York Times scored a 74 and the Washington Times a 35.

Most surprising result? The most liberal paper surveyed turns out to be the Wall Street Journal with an 85! I know people have long said the Journal is a liberal paper with a conservative editorial staff, but is it really significantly more liberal than the Times?

You can look over the full list here. Dr. Groseclose actually has three different methods for rating the media and each one yields slightly different results.

Finally, if you want to test your own PQ (political quotient) you can do that here.

Dr. Groseclose new book, Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind, is available now at Amazon.

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