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The Real Killer Jailed at Last

John on October 4, 2008 at 12:19 pm

Thirteen years ago when the verdict was announced, I screamed at the TV. I’d become one of those OJ junkies who rushed home from work everyday to watch the trial. I was mad as hell at Judge Ito for the circus he let go on in his courtroom. I was mad at Johnny “If it don’t fit” Cochran for being a dirtbag. In fact, even his death hasn’t changed my opinion.

Now, at last, some justice for this double murdering creep:

O.J. Simpson has been found guilty on all charges in the gunpoint robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas casino hotel room more than a year ago.

The 61-year-old former football faces up to life in prison.

A somber Simpson released a heavy sigh as the charges were read Friday in Clark County District Court. He was immediately taken into custody.

Justice may be slow, but it does come. In this case, it came 13 years to the day of his aquittal. He’s facing 15 to life. No more golf. No more beating up on his latest girlfriends. He’s done.

Justice is a beautiful thing.

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