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Obama’s Post-Signing Statement

John on August 2, 2011 at 3:01 pm

Moments after signing the bill, he’s back to the “balanced approach” again:

YouTube Preview Image

I realize the professional left and most of the media is on his side here, but listening to the President lecture about solving problems without a crisis is a bit much to take. Your party has had two years to try and pass a budget, Mr. President and you’ve accomplished nothing. We’ve known that Social Security was insolvent since January and your party has accomplished nothing on that front either. We know that Medicare has at best about 12 years left and all you’ve done on that front is use the threat of cuts to medi-scare seniors.

So apparently you do in fact need a crisis in order to focus, Mr. President. I don’t see how anyone watching your performance on these issues could think otherwise.

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