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Joe Klein Hates Sarah Palin’s Guts

John on October 3, 2008 at 7:47 am

Palin, by most accounts, did well last night. So of course Time magazine provided space to in-the-tank troll Joe Klein to spit venom all over her performance. His entire piece is an effort in passive-aggressive spin. I’ll save you the trouble of reading it. Here’s what he thinks:

She displayed an ability, for the first time since her convention speech, to repeat with a fair amount of credibility, the formulations that her handlers had given her.

Joe Biden…never exposed the obvious shallowness of her knowledge on most topics.

glaring demonstration…of how little you can get away with knowing and still survive one of these things. Her relentless opacity was impressive.

She talked talking points. And when the talking points concerned areas where she didn’t know diddly, she didn’t talk them very convincingly. Indeed, there were times I got the distinct impression that she didn’t understand the points she was talking about

steadiness, knowledge and some clear ideas about what to do going forward, qualities that Sarah Palin did not display tonight.

nothing that was said in this debate will be remembered, or remarked upon, a week from now.

I doubt Daily Kos could come up with a less biased description of the event. Note that Time’s own “report cards” on the debate scored it a tie, giving a B to both candidates (see here and here). So why does Time insist on paying this leftist tool to cover politics with no balance from an opposing viewpoint?

Hey, Time magazine! I’m available and I’m a better writer than Joe too.

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