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Palin’s Been Misunderestimated

John on October 2, 2008 at 10:22 pm

I’d have to say Joe won on points, but not by much. And let’s face it. He’s had 35 years of preparation for this and walked in with literally every advantage. Despite that, Palin was confident, articulate and even put Joe on the defensive a couple times. Her closing was stronger and one of the highlights of the night. Bottom line: She’s still not ready to be President, but she’s plenty capable to be VP and she clearly is a quick study who can perform under pressure.

Watching the Fox News coverage after the debate, I noticed that Charles Krauthammer and Brit Hume are as mystified as I am by team McCain’s refusal to engage Obama, Biden and Dems in Congress on Fannie and Freddie. I don’t blame Palin because, from what I can see, she’s following McCain’s lead. But for goodness sake people, Obama is winning on this issue. His party has lots of culpability here. McCain must take the time to educate the American people. Why in the world does he refuse to engage on this?

I will say, that for all his tendency to be a blowhard and a bit scrambled, I thought Biden seemed likable and appealing as a person. Don’t like his policies, but he has a genuineness that I don’t get from Obama. But most of all, I think congratulations and kudos are in order for Gov. Palin. Over the last four weeks, she’s withstood the full assault by the Democratic/MSM attack machine and tonight she came out of that with her head up. It was a gutsy performance with no significant errors.

Tina Fey can eat it.

Addendum: Ace has a thought on why McCain is holding back on the Dems’ culpability for the financial crisis. I have to say it hadn’t occurred to me, but now that he suggests it, it’s convincing.

I hope he’s right. I hope that by Tuesday night McCain can unleash a Costco sized can of whup ass on this issue.

Also, some criticisms from Mark Hemingway at NRO:

Hands down the worst answer of the night (and maybe of the eleventy billion debates so far this campaign) was Biden’s answer on Afghanistan. Let me try and unpack it: “Well, the commanding general in Afghanistan says a surge won’t work, but the general above him, Petraeus at Centcom, says it will. But Obama’s called for a surge in Afghanistan and we need that, but I’ve never supported McCain’s military strategy which is, by the way, the surge. Oh look, here’s a picture of a cat with a piece of bacon taped to it.”

I was wishing Palin had point out that Obama suggested something that sounded a lot like a surge strategy himself.

More criticism from Jonah Goldberg:

What struck me the most about the debate – and it probably helped having quintessential Obamaphiles in the room – was how Biden’s “gravitas” is derived almost entirely from the fact that he can lie with absolute passion and conviction. He just plain made stuff up tonight. I read a long list tonight in my debate with Beinart here at Wash U, we can visit the details tomorrow.

Just a few: Flatly asserting that Obama never said he’d meet with Achmenijad; that absolute nonsense about spending more in a month in Iraq than we’ve spent in Afghanistan (“let me say it again,” he said as if he was hammering home a real fact); the bit about McCain voting with Obama on raising taxes; his vote in favor of the war etc.

I think there needs to be some fact checking on Biden in the AM.

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