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Church Arsons Solved…Sort Of?!?

Scott on March 8, 2006 at 2:42 pm

Finally the three young men are in custody who were responsible for the recent string of 9 church fires in the South. The guilty individuals appear to be: Matthew Lee Cloyd, Benjamin Moseley and Russell Lee DeBusk Jr.

I find two things interesting about this story as it is unfolding…

The article on says:

” A witness quoted Cloyd as saying Moseley did it “as a joke and it got out of hand,” according to the affidavit. Moseley also told agents the four church fires in west Alabama were set “as a diversion to throw investigators off,” an attempt that “obviously did not work,” the affidavit said.

So…the wanton destruction of 5 churches was a joke, and the destruction of the last 4 churches was an attempted “diversion?” If burning down churches is a joke to these guys, I would hate to see what they do for a good time with all their friends…sacrifice virgins, perhaps, or maybe make fertilizer bombs?

Fox news also reports:

Rep. Spencer Bachus said in an interview with FOX News Radio that he believed that religion was not a motive in the fires.

I’m not sure if I can believe that. If it was all a “joke,” what made the initial 5 churches the targets? The guys didn’t like examples of architecture with something called a “narthex?” They didn’t like buildings where people gather to sing out of hymnals? Maybe they had a tough time with any building painted white with reader boards out front? Or perhaps they chose the five buildings at random and it just so happened that all five of them were churches, which meant they HAD to bomb the other four during their planned “diversion” so that it kept up the facade that churches were being targeted?

Come on! Somehow, somewhere, somewhen,…the buildings targeted were churches, and by the very nature of the buildings and their intended purpose, the reason for the targeting had to be based in religion. Churches were targeted. Not 7-11s, not pharmacies, and not movie theaters. Churches.

Added by John: Fox has pictures of all three. I noticed that one story mentioned the two 19 year olds were aspiring actors. Here’s a link to the BSC drama page. (It actually looks like a pretty good program.) I think I see a couple shots of each kid from recent productions. Check out the Baker from Into the Woods and the guy in the green shirt from All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten [wouldn't that be ironic].
In any case, I note this description of the current season’s theme:

BSC theatre once again steps outside the box to bring you shows that feature characters living in challenging, jubilant, and sometimes dangerous worlds…they’re all facing what is expected of them and deciding if that’s good enough or not. Should they just hop on and go along for the ride, or should they stop and demand answers to tough questions?

One only needs to add, “Or should they burn down churches to stave off boredom between shows…”

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