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NY Times Compares Sen. Coburn to Lady Gaga After He Sides with President

John on July 23, 2011 at 8:56 pm

After putting forth the biggest budget reduction proposal of all last week, the $9 trillion Back in Black plan, Sen. Coburn changed direction and suddenly endorsed tax increases this week. As a result, the President gave Sen. Coburn a shoutout in today’s weekly address:

As if on cue, the NY Times published a favorable profile which compared the arch-conservative, gay-marriage-opposing Coburn to bisexual it-girl Lady Gaga:

Mr. Coburn is the Lady Gaga of fiscal conservatives: he was born that way. A former businessman turned doctor, Mr. Coburn was swept into a House seat as part of the Republican wave in 1994. He retired in 2001, in accordance with his self-imposed term limit.

Funny how the Times always seems to offer “the hand of cool” to any Republican who does progressives a solid. It’s not just that they’re sympatico on the issues, they actually seem to be working as the President’s wing-man in the negotiations.

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