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How Ignorance Makes Us All Look Bad

Scott on September 29, 2008 at 1:48 pm

Someone I work with sent me a link to a blog they frequent.  The blog posted a Youtube video of a news story related to a parent who is attempting to ban the Ray Bradbury novel, “Farenheit 451.”  Here you go:

YouTube Preview Image

I am not linking to the blog because, quite honestly, I don’t really want to give them the traffic.  But the comment the blog writer makes after the Youtube video says it all -

“Over sensitive, unreasonable, ignorant bible touting maniacs. Good thing they lost.

I can understand parents having concerns about curriculum, but this is just stupidity.  The father objects to the Bible being burned, ignoring the fact that the reason WHY it is being burned is because the government wants to eliminate anything that will give people joy or knowledge or a reason to hope.  I am sorry, but it is people like THIS that force me to spend part of my time defending myself and my faith and to get people to understand that we are NOT all “over-sensitive, unreasonable, ignorant bible touting maniacs.”


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