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Thoughts on the Debate

John on September 27, 2008 at 1:51 am

McCain on points. No knockouts and no major gaffes. In the greater scheme that’s probably a plus for Obama who spent last week lowering expectations. Like Rocky, he can claim to still be standing, though as the list below will demonstrate, I think a lot of what he’s standing on is nonsense.

So, the things that bothered me tonight:

  • Obama began the debate arguing that deregulation was the cause of the current crisis. This is theater of the absurd. His party fought several Republican attempts at regulation. The housing bubble resulted from pressure by the government to offer ever more subprime loans to unqualified borrowers. Obama hasn’t figured out the problem and hasn’t offered anything in the way of a solution.
  • Another reference to China’s superiority, this time in going into space. Hello! Can you please stop writing copy for Communist Chinese agitprop. I assure you the citizens there do not thank you for it.
  • Obama says we need to raise taxes to bring in more money. Raising taxes will not bring in more money in the long run. Bush’s tax cuts raised revenue to the treasury by 20%. Obama’s plan, as McCain noted, will simply lead more businesses to relocate and more wealthy individuals to find new ways to protect their money. This will be a drag on an economy that cannot afford any more drag.
  • Obama, when asked where he would revise his plans and scale back on spending, proceeded to list about 5 things he wants to spend more money on. He seems constitutionally unable to think in terms of cutting government.
  • Obama won’t admit he was wrong on the surge and that the consequences of his plan would have been disastrous. No surprise, but had Obama’s plan won the day, this really would have been Vietnam II.
  • Barack Obama does not know the difference between a tactic and a strategy. Thank you McCain for pointing out something I said a month or more ago. So how is it that Obama hasn’t been excoriated for this before now?
  • Obama’s willingness to meet Achmedinejad “without preconditions” is foolish. Saying that he would have “preparations” instead is an attempt to sidestep his own absurd commitment without admitting he was wrong. No US President should ever sit down with rogue leaders, thereby lending legitimacy to them, without major concessions and/or preconditions beforehand. As with the China thing, Obama simply doesn’t get how his willingness to gladhand dictators is harmful, stupid and, yes, dangerous.

That’s all for me. I’m going to bed.

Update: AP at Hot Air points out another troubling statement Obama has shifted ground on.

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