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Latest School Shooter Connected to Previous Shooter

John on September 25, 2008 at 10:41 am

Word from investigators in Finland is that the two shooters were connected online:

Matti Saari, 22, and Pekka-Eric Auvinen, 18, played on the same team in an internet war game called Battlefield 2 in which they detonated bombs, shot people and used headsets to communicate.

It was also revealed that Saari had been thrown out of the Finnish Army in 2006 after only a month when he terrified fellow recruits by opening fire against orders in a woodland exercise.

The killers also sent typed messages to each other on their computers talking about their plans for a school shooting. One of the messages said: “Let’s do it together.”

They even bought their guns at the same weapons store, called Tera-asekeks, a few hundred yards from a school in the town of Jokela, where Auvinen killed eight people and himself last November.

Saari left two suicide notes in his dormitory. Investigators haven’t released the full contents but the bits they have described sound very familiar:

One note said: “I hate the human race, I hate mankind, I hate the whole world and I want to kill as many people as possible.”

Compare that with Auvinen’s statements from his website:

Due to long process of existential thinking, observing the society I live and some other things happened in my life I have come to the point where I feel nothing but hate against humanity and human race.

In light of the connection now discovered, these final words of Auvinen’s are interesting:

And remember that this is my war, my ideas and my plans. Don’t blame anyone else for my actions than myself. Don’t blame my parents or my friends. I told nobody about my plans and I always kept them inside my mind only. Don’t blame the movies I see, the music I hear, the games I play or the books I read.

He did, in fact, tell someone about his plans and did so via a game network. Also, you may recall that Pekka-Eric Auvinen was a member of a group called Natural Selection’s Army, which I wrote about here. It is believed that Auvinen was connected to a would be school shooter here in America named Dilllon Cossey via that group. Cossey was arrested before carrying out his plans. Was Saari a member as well? It’s probably impossible to know, but it seems likely.

Finally, it should be noted that the shooting has spawned a string of bomb threats and other disruptions in Finland:

Two Finnish schools canceled classes after a bomb threat and an Internet posting prompted concern among pupils and parents, two days after a student shot dead 10 people and himself in Finland’s second campus attack in a year.

Students and staff members evacuated a secondary school in Keuruu, north of Helsinki, today in response to the bomb threat, the Jyvaeskylae police force said in a statement on its Web site. Nothing suspicious was found at the school, police said.

And also in Sweden:

Swedish police arrested a 16-year-old boy for alleged illegal weapon possession after receiving a tip about a suspicious clip he had posted on YouTube, police said Thursday.

The teen was arrested in Koping, central Sweden, late Wednesday for alleged illegal weapon possession and for “creating danger to others,” spokesman Borje Stromberg said.

Let’s hope we can get through the week without any copycats.

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