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Scott on February 23, 2005 at 12:32 pm

So,…according to this USA Today write-up, evangelical protestant fathers score higher on the “attentive husband and father” scale than other groups of men. And this seems to be some sort of revelation to those conducting the study…and blasphemy to many who are in oppostion to conservative/evangelical-protestant value systems.

To boil it down to some simple ideas…According to the survey described in this article, evangelical protestant fathers (generally speaking) are more attentive spouses and fathers, are involved to a greater degree with family life (I assume that includes keeping the family intact), are less prone to domestic violence, and tend to be more strict yet affectionate parents. We also like to be informed and involved in the lives and whereabouts of our children, and are more affectionate with our family members. We also tend to spend time doing youth-related activities with our kids.

I’m intrigued by the guy at UC Riverside that seemed to see a downside to all this. He wants to argue each point and make ridiculous statements about the evangelical belief system but ignores the point — he may not LIKE the Christian Evangelical Protestant worldview,…but he CAN’T argue with the results! He just needs to produce a study that shows that secular/atheist fathers and households with a morally relativistic worldview produce better children and happier familes.

I’ll just wait here until he pulls that article out of his files…………….I’m waiting……………..and STILL waiting…………….I’m sure he has SOMETHING to support his view………….or NOT!!!

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