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Glenn Greenwald at the Chicago Socialism Conference

John on July 9, 2011 at 6:29 am

He was famously yelled at by Lawrence O’Donnell for not being a real socialist. Lawrence may want to rethink that given his appearance at the nation’s largest socialist conference where socialism was “in the air.”

The first part of this clip contains a lot of Obama bashing which conservatives might find satisfying if not for the fact that Greenwald mostly bashes the President for being too much like Bush.

The middle part is more interesting primarily for the torrent of undisguised scorn Greenwald displays toward this country as presently constituted. Did you know the US is a dying empire run by a corporate-political complex through sheer fear and intimidation of its citizenry and the world? It is according to Greenwald. Did you know that the best thing that can happen to the US is it’s inevitable decline? Ironically, Glenn seems to have a “destroy the village to save it” mentality, only on a national scale.

I post this hour long clip not so you’ll watch all of it necessarily, but so you can sample what remains of the America-bashing left since Obama took office. It’s the same rants, but the enthusiasm seems to be found only in groups of hard left socialists, like the folks at this conference. As Glenn admits, most of the time these days he finds himself arguing with other left-wingers who want to defend the President.

You do have to give Greenwald this. He’s been remarkably consistent. He had his moment as John the Baptist baptizing the crowds at the Jordan during the Bush years. He’s still around and still preaching, but perhaps wondering if it’s fated that he must decrease so Barack can increase in 2012.

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