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Michael Ledeen’s Open Letter to Ahmedinejad

John on September 22, 2008 at 1:27 pm

Ahmedinejad is visiting NY again, where he is afforded the right to speak and, as he’s done many times before, try to sound reasonable to a mostly fawning press. Michael Ledeen provides the perfect antidote:

I’m writing to you about death, one of your favorite themes. Your adult life has revolved around it…

You’re a veteran of one of the bloodiest wars of recent times, the Iran-Iraq conflict that probably cost your country more than a million dead and maimed. You extol that sacrifice, as any patriotic Persian would; Iran was invaded by Saddam Hussein’s armies, and the Iranian people defended their country, bravely and desperately.

But your praise of Iranian fighters isn’t limited to men shot down on the battlefield in that bloody war;  you celebrate cases of what you call — and extol — “martyrdom.” I call it the deliberate, criminal slaughter of many tens of thousands of young children. Some of those kids were only 12 years old. They were sent across the battlefields into Iraqi territory, as human mine-detectors. They walked across the minefields, and got blown up. The Iraqi soldiers were so horrified that they shouted at the children to stop, to go back. But they didn’t; you’d indoctrinated or hypnotized them, and you wanted them to die. Indeed, you were so certain they would be killed, that these little children were provided with plastic keys that were said to open the gates to paradise.

That’s not martyrdom; that’s mass murder of your own people. You indoctrinated those kids and sent them to their doom. And it didn’t stop with the war. Afterwards, you sent other children to walk across areas you suspected were mined, and many of them were sacrificed in the same way.

This barbarous campaign, of which you are so proud, and which you acclaim as a work of art, produced some particularly gruesome technical problems: according to one of your leading newspapers, many of those children were vaporized by the land mines, while others were blown to pieces, their body parts scattered over the earth. Your religious leaders insisted that everything be done to keep the bodies intact, and so at a certain point the children were sent to the mine fields wrapped tightly in blankets. Instead of charging bravely to eternity, they rolled across the ground. That way, their cadavers were more likely to hold together, and their families could be given the remains, wrapped in a bloody blanket, for burial.

Don’t count on any of this history coming up during Ahmedinejad’s various interviews.

On a related note, Sarah Palin was set to address a group protesting Ahmedinejad’s appearance. Her invite was cancelled after Democrats threatened the group organising the rally with investigation of their tax exempt status. In any case, The NY Sun published the remarks Palin intended to give. They’re worth a read.

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