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Top 10 Things Mark Halperin Should Have Called Obama

John on June 30, 2011 at 11:22 am

Here’s what happened. Mark Halperin offered an opinion he probably shouldn’t have:

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Now, we can’t have people on TV calling the President a “dick.” Respect for the office makes that unacceptable. However there are plenty of other things he could have said in the wake of Obama’s presser yesterday.

10) A ridiculous class-warrior whose focus-tested politics of envy (corporate jets!) was passed in his own stimulus bill.

9 ) A narcissistic exaggerator for claiming to be the first President to focus on reducing unnecessary regulations.

8) A knee-jerk socialist who assumes low taxes are a problem that needs solving.

7) A serial straw-man arsonist who routinely frames serious choices as being between something everyone wants and something no one has ever wanted.

6) A hypocrite for attacking hedge funds even as his bundlers are busy rounding up wealthy donors for him to schmooze with around the country.

5) A union-controlled wimp for failing to call out his own NRLB by name instead of vaguely alluding to them.

4) An utterly shameless flip-flopper who has seemingly adopted the same rationale for the war in Libya that he roundly dismissed as insufficient with regard to Iraq a few years ago.

3) A green daydreamer who attacks oil and gas companies so often that you might think Exxon was a founding member of the axis of evil.

2) A weak, unfocused leader who thinks Congress should thank him for dispatching Joe Biden to the negotiations while he’s busy golfing.

1) A condescending paternalist for comparing members of Congress to his pre-teen children.

So, yeah, if I had to sum up Obama’s performance and tone yesterday, Halperin’s choice word would probably come to mind…

But you have to lay it out for people.

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